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Australia is one of the most unique countries in the world, especially when it comes to wildlife! You'll see kangaroos, wallabies, walleroos and other native Australian wildlife that you only hear and read about, but never dreamed you would be able to touch and hold these amazing animals. Aussie Kingdom offers this opportunity of a lifetime with three educational and entertaining stage shows a day. Along with an ongoing display of the largest variety of species in the United States, at fairs and festivals around the country.

Have FUN at our Australian Animal Show!

Aussie Kingdom brings the Australian outback to life at National, State and County Fairs and Festivals everywhere!

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Our world is home to millions of different and awe-inspiring animals, all wondrous and amazing.

Australia is home to a total of 379 species of mammals of which 357 are indigenous to the continent. 159 of these mammals are marsupials, mammals where the females have pouches in which to rear their young. The most popular of the marsupials are the kangaroos, wallabies and walleroos. Ranging in size from 1 foot to over 6 feet tall, Aussie Kingdom features these remarkable creatures and other native Australian wildlife in an educational and entertaining program at fairs and festivals around the country.-->

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